Friday, July 29, 2011

Progressive Scrap Challenge

PascaleA's Progressive Challenge on SBF had 5 steps that you needed to follow, the steps were posted every 3 days. The requirements were that at least 50% of what you use to put your page together is designed by Digigdesignresort designer. It could be something you purchase on the site or anything out of their Freebies. I really enjoyed this challenge thankyou PascaleA, here are my 5 steps :)

Step 1 - 3 papers , place them centered on top of eachother ( each one slightly smaller than the previous one.

Step 2 - 3 photo, you have to frame at least two of them, you could frame the third one too but I think it would be nice if you blended it in the top paper or use extracted ..

Step 3 - add 3 ribbons (they can be all the same or all different), add clouds (as many as you wish)

         Step 4 - Swirls (at least 3) - Stars (as many as you wish)                                                    

       STEP 5 - add a title and or quote. A Mother's Joy.                                

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