Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cryptidious by Creative Victorian Designs

Cryptidious is mysterious kit full of the weird and wonderful reminiscent of a Victorian scientist's field camp. Have you ever wanted to know if some creature of legend actually exists? This slightly creepy, but age of old kit is full of all the tools you need to set up camp and start your explorations!

This kit includes 12 papers and 64 unique elements. Elements include 2 jaw bones, bone, book stacks, 5 bottles, box, chain, claw, cutters, 2 word definitions, dried blood splat, 10 pieces of foliage, 5 frames, 3 horns, 3 paper tape labels, lamp, lantern, latch, leather case, measuring stick, medallion, microscope slide, 2 motifs, open book, 3 rope elements, rusted screw, 2 skulls, stitches, tag, 2 tongs, 3 dissection tools, tooth, 2 tusks, 2 twigs, and a color palette for easy color changes.

Personal Use, S4O/S4H OK.


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